Posted by: noodlegirl | January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all my lovely bloggers! Well I didn’t do much for New Year’s Eve and in Hawaii they love to buy firecrackers legal and illegal  and blow it up all night long. I personally think its a waste of money and pollutes the air but hey each to their own right lol! I closed up my windows stayed in snacked watch tv drink Kombucha and went to bed. I was really grateful my cat was not freaking out she was pretty calm!

There is a new juice place that opened up by Kahala called Lanika Juice. They have been on the other side of the island for a very long time and finally opened one here. They are somewhat like Jamba Juice. I went there and got me something to eat instead of drink!

Introducing you the Hula Bowl

At the bottom is a smoothie mixture of bananas, mangos, apple and honey. Layered with granola then topped with fresh sliced bananas and Pineapples.

It was so big I only had half of it and saved the other half for later in the afternoon.

This is definitely something I will get again.

Ahh for christmas all I wanted was a Panini Press and doing lots of research, I got this and what a great buy it is.

This is how good of a deal it is. At most retail stores this is sold at $129.99 and luckily I decided to check out Costco and see what they have. Oh they have the exact same thing for $89.99 but wait they are having a sale for it and I only paid $69.99!! Now is that a great deal or what! The can cook so many more things too like steaks, burgers and whatnot. The original press I was gonna get was at Target and all it can be used for is to make sandwiches priced at $59.99

So needless to say I am glad I waited and did my research!

My breakfast Panini

Not too healthy but oh so delicious! Sourdough bread, 2 eggs, 2 thin slices of spam and some Munster cheese.



  1. I want some of the smoothie!! That looks SOOOOO refreshing! Happy New Year!

  2. I love the Griddler! I have an appliance addiction 😉
    And that smoothie concoction looks awesome!

  3. Yay.. you got your panini….. so.. whatcha think?

  4. happy new year gorgeous!!
    happy to hear you got a panini maker 😉

  5. Love the smoothy, looks delicious….. Happy New Year to you.

  6. Love your panini maker! We just got one, too.

  7. Happy New Year!

    Oh, that looks good! I want one and my own cuisinart panini press, too! Maybe the kids and I will eat more sandwiches.

  8. What a great deal on that panini maker! I love mine, too, because it’s so versatile. You’re smoothie creation also looks fantastic.

  9. you always make me so hungry! 😉

    may your 2010 be filled with joy, sparkle, warmth & love. hugs sweetie!!

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