Posted by: noodlegirl | November 13, 2009

Key West Florida

Hello!! Sorry for not posting for so long! Alot has been going on and I have not been feeling well. Guess what as you can tell from my  Post Title I am currently in Key West Florida!!! I  just arrived yesterday! Had a wonderful dinner at this place called Mangia Mangia I think thats how you spell it. I will take a pic of my left overs later as my battery died on my yesterday.


Today I went to  a French Resturant for lunch! I love this place!

CIMG1949Can you tell what I had! Croissant with Ham and Swiss Cheese with a side of cucumber salad it was so fresh and delicious!

Then I went to the bakery and got myself the biggest Beignet I have ever seen with Nutella filling I was such a piggy I was so excited I forgot to take a pic.




  1. Ah… nothing like a Croissant sandwich….

  2. Wow. I have not had a croissant sandwich in a long, long time…It’s hard to find a good real flaky, thousand-layered croissant these days!

  3. Oh, you are! I’m in FL though in Central FL. SOunds like you’re having a YUMMY blast!

  4. fun! I need to get down there… I’m only in Miami 🙂

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