Posted by: noodlegirl | October 22, 2009

Just Me and Milee

Happy Wednesday! I do have lots of food pics to put up but I thought I would post something different today.Milee and I at home! Milee doesn’t mind me holding her after I am done at the pool I think she loves the smell of chlorine as she always rubs on me after I get off the pool



  1. awww so cute! Milee looks very comfy in your arms

  2. What a cute picture! Two beauties!

  3. Aw, my babygirl so wants a kitty or dog.

  4. i love this pic!!

  5. She is adorable.. she looks adorable…. How are you? When you coming to visit me?

  6. Hehe..Milee always has those eyes..her lids are kinda flat on the top. LOL oh yea and cats DO love the smell of chlorine. My cats go nuts!

  7. You've got an adorable cat!

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