Posted by: noodlegirl | September 13, 2009

Dinner Today!

Hope all of you are having a great weekend so far! Well I had a busy day buying stuff like food of course! Sad to say I really need to change some of my regular food as it cost double the price in Hawaii!

Here is what I had for diner tonight!

Mixed greens with edible flowers!

Green Tea

Roast Chicken and some mash potatoes it looks really plain but oh so good!



  1. Edible flowers? How fun! What a great way to make a salad more pretty

  2. I love edible flowers! How festive.

  3. yum! you always make me hungry 😉

  4. mmmmm mashed potatoes ALWAYS look good to me!

  5. Aw happy to hear you're home in Hawaii again : )

    Check out who I met today at my blog!

  6. Those edible flowers look too pretty to eat. LOL. I LOVE those mashed potatoes and chicken though!!

  7. I found your blog as a comment on lilveggiepatch. You're in Hawaii?! Which island? I'm living in Oahu for the year!! Hope you're nearby!

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