Posted by: noodlegirl | August 24, 2009

I’m Back!

No……. I didn’t ditch blogging. I have been really really busy packing Inventory mostly and some personal belongings to the pod that is going to Hawaii! After that I had to deal with Milee’s (my cat) documentation and that got a little messed up so I had to change my flight. Instead of leaving on the 2ND now I am leaving on the 11Th. If I leave earlier than the 11Th, Milee will have to be quarantined which I think will be unfair to her!!

Well now all of that is taken care of! I am back with a vengence!!!!!!! I just wanted to also let you know that even though I have not been blogging, I have been reading your blogs even though I have not commented lately! That about to change too!

As I was moving things to the pod I have to say I ate alot of junk, Applebees, Macdonalds, Arbys yes I can feel you all having a heart attack lol! The good news is I been buring so much calories with the pod I didn’t gain any weight.

Now I am back on schedule with real good eats!

I had this for lunch and probalby will have it for dinner as well.

As you know I love this brand of frozen food I am telling you if you have had it you got to try it!!

I ate half of my lasagna here is a pic of it. This is my first time trying their lagsana and it didn’t disappoint me at all. It was a little salty but not in a bad way I guess I was expecting it to be bland thats why. If it ever goes on sale in Hawaii I am buying some again thats for sure!

The other half still in the orginal package lol!

After that I had some watermelons yum! Do you have a favorite brand of frozen food?



  1. You've been so busy!! Lasagne looks yummy! I don't eat much frozen food except for ravioli.

  2. Welcome back!

  3. I always get hungry reading your blog!!

  4. boo for quarantining kitties. glad you waited 🙂 i'm sure milee is too >^..^<

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