Posted by: noodlegirl | July 13, 2009

I love…

Yogurt Hut! Omg I am so in love with this place they just opened up last month I think. The place is totally self service! Your pick your flavor of yogurt then you pick all the toppings you want. I didn’t dare to ask if I could take of the place inside lol. They have so many toppings its not even funny ranges from nuts, cereal, fruits, all kinds of chocolates, gummy bears, cookies oh boy! They charge you 39 cents per oz so you have to make sure you don’t over do it!

I had raspberry yogurt topped with strawberries, kiwi, mango, chocolate fudge and heath bar!

Here is how it looks half way through. I paid $5.25 for mine.



  1. holy mother of … looks like it's worth 5.25 to me šŸ˜‰

  2. Oh my God that looks SOOOOO GOOD!! Gosh do they have any here in the Portland area??

  3. Wow, have never heard of such a place, looks great! This is a craze that I hope sweeps the nation. Yours looks scrumptious, hope we get one soon! šŸ™‚

  4. LOL everytime I visit your blog, I start to feel hungry!Thank you for your comment and reading my whining words on my blog and being lovely with your comments šŸ™‚ Gosh, Mr. Darcy being a vampire!!! Somehow I see him as Edward Cullen except in breeches and with fangs. And Pemberley would be some sprawling castle in Transylvania. But thank you for telling me about that book, I wouldn't have known otherwise. I shall deffo be reading that!!!

    take care


  5. ohh

  6. Oh, froyo! I LOVE it! But I got a middle sized one with just one topping, and it ended up to be $5.75!!! CRAAAZY!

  7. By the way, you'll LOVE Yogurtland…it's 30 cents per ounce!!

  8. that looks so good! there's two places like that, yogurt land and 16 handles, near me in new york, and i'm totally obsessed with them but i haven't found any here in norcal yet =(

  9. OH Yes!!!! This looks fabulous and is so good for you!!!!

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