Posted by: noodlegirl | June 19, 2009

Blog Award

Can you believe it? I cannot believe it the lovely lady from
gave this to me ahhhhhh I so love it! Thank you so much and those of you have not been to her blog please do so you get to see all her eats and if you are in her area you can go to the places she recommend!

Now I am giving this award to all my fellow bloggers not because I am lazy to choose but because I do truly enjoy all your blogs and they are all absolutely lovely be it a food blog , fashion blog, or daily life and thoughts blog.

As part of getting this award I am listing 6 reason I am happy today.

1 – Getting this award of course
2 – It is Thursday
3 – Its no longer winter
4 – Ahh fruits are so cheap right now
5 -For finally having the A/C fixed it is nice and cool now
6 – Having good eats!



  1. Congratulations!! You do, indeed, have a beautiful blog…the food is gorgeous baby!

  2. Coongratulation on your award…

  3. congrats on the blog award, you totally deserved it my dear!

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