Posted by: noodlegirl | May 30, 2009

Weekend Has Arrived.

Happy Saturday! I never really cared whether the weekend is coming or not as I normally do not have a very hectic day. This week however was bad! Having bad sleeps thanks to the cat, rushing to get work done and with the super hot weather at 100 degrees wasn’t exactly a joy. Yesterday was a killer day ugh!

Well to start off my Saturday Monday, I decided to make french toast with Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread.

I just mixed an egg and some milk. It looks like its burnt but it is not this bread is darker in color and the really dark spots you see are the raisins. I cannot wait for the day I can take great food pictures like all of you do!

Now on to yesterday’s eats since I was so lazy to post it yesterday. After my 60 min spin class, I figured I would combine breakfast and lunch as I got home at around 11am

I made a wrap. Low carb tortilla, Cole slaw as a spread some greens on top and tada the chipole chicken. Now why did I used Cole slaw well you see I was in the mood for a little chicken and a little slaw so I decided to buy it at the deli and turn in into a wrap kill 2 birds with one stone!
This is how it looks like wrapped up again I really need to work on making it pretty don’t I.
Well since it was so hot today I just was not in the mood to cook so I decided to get Mexican food!
Chimichanga with rice and beans

Drank this to wash down my chimi!
OK dinner was not the healthiest eats but it definitely did the job of making me happy!



  1. yum! i always like seeing what other people eat. is that weird?? it gives me ideas! is it really 100 degrees in ashland, oregon??

  2. gosh, I’m craving some goood mexican food right now…
    and don’t sell yourself short! you take great pics! because I’m drooling while looking at them 🙂
    but are you using flash?

  3. oh yeah! I forgot to mention about the eggplant parmesan! THANK you for sharing the pic! I have def seen that in WF and my local grocery store freezer section! very surprised, because microwave products rarely look that good!

  4. hope u had a nice weekend!

  5. That would make me happy too!

    m ^..^

  6. 100 degrees! That is too hot. I would go for the wrap also! It looks so summery and delicious. ’tis the season for fresh and your meal was certainly that! Looks delicious.

  7. The wrap looks DELISH, man I miss Mexican food so much…. UGH….

  8. my french toast never turns out that beautiful! yummmm

  9. I figure if you really want something go ahead and eat it, since we eat healthy most of the time any way:) Looks yummy!

  10. You looked like you have such wonderful meals.

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