Posted by: noodlegirl | May 29, 2009

To Hot To Handle

OMG it is sooooooooo hot today! I didn’t have a very productive day due to the heat it made me really lazy. Now I can tell tell the difference Hawaiian heat and Mainland heat!

Anyway on to my eats! I was out and about this morning and was not in the mood to come back home to cook so I went to subway and got the double bacon and cheese with flat bread. This is my 3rd time getting this and totally love it as I can add veges to it. I added sweet peppers, cucumber, and something else I forgot lol.

It is not a very good pic as I was too hungry to make it pretty but honestly its so big and delicious.

Here is my afternoon snack some watermelon, pretzels, and chocolate bits
It was so hot I made a emergen-C drink to hydrate

This is how i like to eat my snack!

Dinner I made eggplant Parmesan again!

Sophia a fellow blogger requested for a pic before and so here is how it looked cooked. Not pretty but super good.

I put some on garlic toast oh so delicious!!!

Dessert half a cupcake given by Barbara it super sweet no wonder she only ate half I didn’t eat the icing too much for me

Hey check out the giveaways here I love her blog!



  1. They looked so yummy. It is okay not to visit my blog regularly cause I myself been very busy too, wont be blogging for the next few days and my food blog is very inactive…lol. You might like this recipe of min jiang kueh, but you might like to try to find the original recipe from lee lee of


  2. that all looks pretty damn delicious!!

  3. Na, never too much icing.. hehe

  4. What a BRILLIANT way to eat a pretzel!!!

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