Posted by: noodlegirl | May 3, 2009

Saturday Delights

Its been gloomy all day as predicted. Well on the brighter side, I finally got my Lost in Austen DVD and below are the snacks I had while watching it. I love this DVD its pretty funny and if you are an Austen fan, this is a fun watch!

Kiwi and Bananas yum!

100 calorie pop corn I could have easily eaten 1000 calories of it.

Ahh didn’t want to get drunk so got this light wine cooler

Naughty eats! Boston Cream Cake yum!

Side view of the cake

Milee as usual laying on my favorite blanket this kitty has expensive taste!



  1. WHOA, boston cream cake!!!!!!!

  2. delish! how’d you make that??????

  3. i haven’t heard of that movie. ..i must find it! did you see jane austin book club? that was a really fun one. . .except the high school student/older lady thing was a little weird!

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