Posted by: noodlegirl | April 27, 2009

Weekend Delights

Hey!!! Hope you all had a good weekend. I didn’t do much but did alot of eating I still have more pics to put up will do it later here are 3 for you guys!

Birdy hanging out by one of the birdfeeder

Hope you all are not tired of seeing Milee here she is wondering why I am more interested in the lap top than her! We took a 2 hour nap together today!

Ahhh see what I bought today don’t worry I didn’t eat it allll! In the picture is the fruit danish, sesame bagel and spinach/feta roll. I didn’t care much for the roll kinda had a funky taste to it I guess the mix in baked together just didn’t mix well.



  1. That spinach/feta roll looks amazing!

  2. delish danishes!

    your cat is adorable.

  3. Wow – I have a weak spot for danish! Those wouldn’t last 2 minutes in my house 🙂 Cool that we share the same b-day, my fiance’s bday is June 21st, so he gets all the fuss and I get what’s leftover 😦

  4. actually, I found the roll most appealing! I’m surprised you didn’t like it!
    hee hee, that cat looks all high and mighty and elegant!

  5. Hi, Noodlegirl, what a great blog! Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for trying that mango dressing!

  6. Ha you are like me and love naps. Milee is so cute and looks sleepy in that picture. Yea, I think my cats get frustrated when I’m glued to the laptop too! Those danishes look SO good!!

  7. mmm yummy treats

    cute bird pic, you could have a while blog just on pics from your windows lol

  8. Those bagels are seriously calling my name!!!

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