Posted by: noodlegirl | April 23, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Yet another lovely day even though its cooler today in the low 60s! Well I know I blogged about this Eggplant parmesan but decided to do it again as I had it last night and still I must say this its one of the best Eggplant Pamesan I have tasted!

Breakfast today very simple 2 eggbeaters with some cheese. Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Toast with Strawberry Preserves!

Ohhhhhhh all those greens I got on my last shopping trip needed to be used so this is what I made! Napa Cabbage, mushrooms, some brussel sprouts cooked with garlic, olive oil and hot green peppers I also added a dash of Maggie seasoning to it.

Here it is still cooking in the pan!

I had it with left over spanish rice gosh I have one more meal to go with this rice I made quite a bit last time also along with it I had my left over eggplant! What do you think yummy enough?

Ohhhhhhh I can’t help myself the geese and babies were closer today so I took pics of them look how cute they are walking around with their parents!!!



  1. Oh wow, that looks so delicious!
    And awwwh geese!!! sooo cute!!!

  2. Geese! too cute! the little ones are so fluffy and adorable!

  3. Oh that mushroom Napa cabbage dish looks SOOOOOO good! Healthy too! That family of geese is so adorable too.

  4. Packaged and home cooked.. there ya go = ) lol “wink”

  5. Happy Friday! Your dinner looks delicious and the geese are so cute πŸ™‚

  6. everything looks so delicious! that eggplant parmesan looks oh-so=cheesy! but how does it really look like on a plate?

  7. The geese family looked so cute. Are they going on an outing? πŸ™‚ Your photos of food make me drools.

  8. Aahhhh I love all the animal pics in this post. I’m such a sucker for the babies.

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