Posted by: noodlegirl | April 21, 2009

Sunny Monday!

What a gorgeous sunny Monday it actually went as high as 90 degrees!

Here is Milee all annoyed as I had to take a picture of her napping on this lovely day!

Oh my if any of you get a chance you should definitely try to make this dressing. I got this from All you need is 2 roma tomatoes and one mango blend it together! I totally love it.

Made some potato patties, all i did was boil the potato smash it up add some green pea to it n make it into patties dip it in egg beater and then put flour on it and fry away! I was gonna add some hot peppers but I forgot! Next time I will add that and come corn and let you know how it went.

My dinner so I took some romaine lett. black beans topped it with the potato patties and the dressing it was super delicious especially for a hot spring day like this.

I was still hungry of course as I am definitely not a petite eater as you can all see from my other posts so I had some tortilla chips wiht this hummus yum!




  1. Saludos desde venezuela.

  2. Potato patties look great!!!!

  3. Tortilla chips and hummus sound like the perfect combo!

  4. I love meals that come together quickly like this.

  5. Your cat is so cute! Love Tribe cracked chili pepper hummus. yummmm

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