Posted by: noodlegirl | April 20, 2009

Spanish Rice and Spring Babies on Sight!

Across the street from where I live there are a bunch of geese that always hang out at the pond area. Look what I saw today babies with them!!!! I quickly ran back home to get my camera so I can show it to all of you. Alot of you might have seen it a zillion times but for a City Girl like me this is exciting! I wish I could have taken better pictures but I didn’t want them to freak out so I stood far away and zoomed!

I got this a while back and finally decided to use it today.

Super delicious I am definitely going to buy it to cook with my rice!

Had it with some more chicken I got from costco. I made so much rice and being the only one eating, it is going to take me a week to consume all the rice. The chicken should be done by tuesday then it will be back to more veggie eats.
I am going to the store tomrrow to get my weekly groceries!



  1. Delicious! I need to make this, too… looks great.

  2. Super delicious – and I love chicken from Costco!

  3. I just love Spanish Rice and Mole with Chicken.. YUM

  4. These babies are so sweet! Every year we have a mama and papa duck come back to our creek and often they have babies too 🙂

  5. Simple and delicious meal.

    I love the baby goslings – so cute.

  6. Me want those baby birds! So cute!! Your rice looks so tender and good too. Anything made by Hatch is unreal. I just made baked chili rellenos last night and because I didn't have time to cook the chili, I used Hatch whole chilis and they were devine.

    I'm Jenifer, nice to meet you!

    Your fellow foodie,

    J&J DISH

  7. Baby ducks, 2 cute!!!

  8. Spanish rice and the chicken perfect dinner..

  9. Yum, quick & easy!

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