Posted by: noodlegirl | April 9, 2009

My Eats and A Play!

Today I went to see another play “Servant of Two Masters” it was quite funny I really enjoyed it. I couldn’t find a better picture online but here is one actually the only one I can find from the play today. I think they have not uploaded on their picture gallery yet!

Before going to the play, I decided to try one of the many resturants in town! This time I went to Greenleaf Resturant and I got an Italian Sausage Sandwich with Chips. I have to say it was really good and it didn’t have that fatty feel at all! The roll was FANTASTIC it was so fresh!!!!!
This picture is so small because MY CAMERA DIED ughhhhhhhh! So I had to use my cell phone!

Amazingly I am still full from my lunch and it has been 5 hours already however I can feel I have the need to much on something I am going to dump some fries in the oven yum!



  1. Oh yum to your lunch!

  2. That looks so tasty!

  3. This looks delicious! I don’t like it when sausage seems fatty either.

  4. Looks good! ~ingrid

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