Posted by: noodlegirl | April 8, 2009

My Delicious Dinner

Salad from Market of Choice and I made the tofu needless to ask.

Super yummy potstickers also from Market of Choice I was not sure how it would taste like so I only got 3 next time I am definitely getting more than that!

Ahhh I made my own dessert got the strawberry at Market of Choice again and the yummy cookie had it with a couple spoonfuls of keylime yogurt!



  1. Oh, those potstickers look delicious!!!

  2. mmm I love potstickers!

  3. You are hooked on that tofu! I still haven’t made it but I need to. That dessert looks perfect and I need it now. LOL!

  4. what was inside the potsticker? looks all crunchy and delish!I did the quiz of the austen character just for fun! I was elizabeth bennet.

  5. Everything looks so yummy, especially the potstickers!

  6. The Gyoza looks good darling..

  7. i want everything you just ate!

  8. Mmmm, I love dumplings and those are looking good. I want to try and make my own.Those strawberries you bought are gorgeous.~ingrid

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