Posted by: noodlegirl | April 5, 2009

Saturday Eats!

Hey figured I will do another post today I can’t help it I go to post what I ate today! Now before I go on about food just wanted to let you guys know I started reading another book I got at the library. It is Lydia Bennet’s Story. It is her version on what happens in her life. She is the stupid sister of Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I already read a few chapters she is still stupid lol!

Now after boring you with that lets move on to my eats!

I was so bad I went out and got a big fat breakfast I ate all and left one sausage behind it was really good but I didn’t feel too great after eating it 😦
I only drank half of this Kombucha today it is the grape flavor oh so good!

Well I had alot of junk today picture not shown! So for dinner I made veggie stirfry and had it with cous cous.

I figured I will show the sauce I use to make my stir fry this sauce is good but not something I will go on and on about. What sauces do you all use any recommendation. I am not into sauces that are high in ginger flavor thats why I chose this one.
Have a good evening can’t wait to see what you all ate!



  1. Ooooooohhh, thanks for sharing about the sauce!And sorry to hear you didn’t feel so great after the breakfast. It looks tasty though. LOL

  2. That stir fry looks great. The tofu dish I’m making is sort of a stir fry! You will love it!!

  3. oh girlie girl your stir fry & breakfast is making me hungry 🙂 great eats!

  4. Ooooo yummy, lots of vegetables. I love vegetables.

  5. Ooh, I love Kombucha and your stir fry looks divine!

  6. hey love,hmm that Kombucha looks so interesting. maybe we should do a little food exchange program. i’ll send you some good stir fry and food sauces and whatever you crave from singapore and you send me some good american eats? how does that sound? 🙂i’ll pick out some yummy organic ones for you that will nourish you very well. have a lovley day!p.s i had to laugh so much when i read about your mum’s silver suit. haha i can so imagine that! haha

  7. that sounds like an interesting book…only because lydia was the stupid sister that irritated me the most. I wanted to slap her the entire time while reading the book AND watching the movie, so it would be interesting to see her perspective. but she’s still stupid? gah.

  8. That breakfast looks good to me!

  9. I gotta tell ya that breakfast look perfect the only thing that could have made it better would have been several slices of crispy thick bacon!~ingrid

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