Posted by: noodlegirl | April 5, 2009


Hey hope you all having a really good Saturday! Today the weather is great and it is suppose to remain great for the next few days ha we will see! Well this is Independent Film Festival week and well the 2 movies I would like to see sold out no big deal. Today the one of the movies showing is Automorphosis and outside they had these cars on display!

This is a butterfly car isn’t it pretty the wings are at the back!

My favorite car the cat car look at it.
The oh so famous camera car!

Here is a better view of it.

I took the back view at in the car didn’t come out to good but I just had to show it!
Hope you enjoy this post something different for a change!



  1. Oh my gosh, those are so cool!!! And that camera one is WICKED!!

  2. these cars are soo insanely awesome. i would totally steal it if i saw it on the street.okay. the break-up went like this…me: corey, i think we should just be friends.corey: ….me: i just need space and time to do my homework because i’m falling behind in school.corey: ….me: what do you think?corey: i really like you joanna. i respect your time and we don’t have to hang out that much if you can’t. that’s basically how it went and i said no. i wasn’t honest with him about the compliment thing because i didn’t want him to feel clueless with men.

  3. These are great!! Lol!

  4. those cars are something alright!how bizarre…imagine driving around in any of those?

  5. These are just way too cool… loving your new site design…

  6. I love the cat one too!! The first one is so pretty!

  7. Wow fantastic. These cars looked so pretty. I would have a field day taking photos of them too.

  8. Those cars are great! Could you imagine driving one?!

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