Posted by: noodlegirl | April 3, 2009

Good Eats!

Hey all of your Happy Friday!!! Well I finally finish reading “Breaking Dawn” boy did that book give me a headache over 700 pages! Now back to reality! Food! Food and more Food!

This is my breakfast 2 days in a row! Sprouted Bread, 2 eggbeaters with red peppers, spinach, mushroom, tomatoes and some feta cheese on top oh oand avocado on the side yummy!

Ahh I had this 2 afternoons ago my favorite mexican place in Ashland Senor Sams! I got the adult place meat of my choice wiht greens greens and more greens along with rice and black beans!

I was craving something sweet today something big and sweet so I went to the co op and got this it is called deluxe mocha brownies. I only had a a few bites it is really “rich” oh so good!

Lastly!!! My dinner! I had it early some coconute rice with green peas, cauliflower these are yellow not sure if they put something on it, some asparagus and 3 chicken wing!
It is quite delicious!
What did you all eat! OH gosh can you tell I have an obsession for food this was suppose to be a blog of a little dash of everything not just food!



  1. Yes yes all the food looks yummy ;)…but what i really want to know is: What did you think of BD?! Oh so very strange, no? Can you imagine how the heck they are going to make a movie of that one!And can i have the rest of that brownie??? 😉

  2. holy moly great eats 🙂 love your dinner!

  3. I almost done with Eclipse and just saw Twilight the other night. Your eats look good, especially the brownie!!!

  4. WHOA, I totally want that brownie!!! LOL!!!

  5. Yum – love everything 🙂 I think about food a lot too LOL 🙂 I had starbucks for breakfast to celebrate it was friday – coffee frap light with reduced fat coffee cake with lots of cinnamon, yum. then brown rice, salad and tinned mackerel (have you ever tried the cole’s brand -SO good) for latelunch and then cheese and crackers and soppressata for dinner. Yummy but I should have had more veggies today.

  6. wow, so appetizing!

  7. coconut rice! yummy!what brand of sprouted bread do you use?

  8. That brownice looks sooo amazing. How did you only have a few bites?!

  9. Holy cow that brownie looks so amazing!

  10. the picture of that brownie has officially made my night a great night. haha and all i’ve done tonight is type papers and do laundry.

  11. That brownie looks soooooo good. All this looks good. I’m so hungry now.

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