Posted by: noodlegirl | March 25, 2009

Food and a Giveaway from another Blogger!

Ok lets talk about food first! I am being a pig today but I am going to only show you what I ate for my main meal lol!

Top meal is rice with marinated tofu and salad on the side on the pic below it. I have to talk about this tofu. I got it at the Market of Choice deli area . I go tto go back ther and read exactly what they marinate it with because it is wayy too delicious!!
Middle pic is Shrimp Wonton soup I got it at costco each bowl has like 5 shrimp wonton I had this for afternnon snack. This is my first time trying it and I got to tell you I can easily eat 15 at a time!
Last pic again from Market of Choice I was in the mood for sushi for lunch so I got this calironia maki with inari. I am not going to rave about it because soon I will sound like Rachel Ray whom
I can’t stand
Now fellow blogger Citygirl has a giveaway!!! Go and check it out at she has a really nice and informative blog and she makes some yummies too! Put a post on your blog about her giveaway too. Its a yummy thing everyone would love to eat eat eat!


  1. Hahaha, Rachel Ray isn’t THAT bad…

  2. nice post!thanks!i like Rachel ray aslong as its once a month or so 🙂

  3. hey! I actually like rachel ray….haha! I understand that she grates some ppl, but I love her enthusiasm, and her recipes are always practical and easy, and YUM-o!! hahahaha!

  4. You’re not a pig! Dieting is overrated, anyway.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the give away! Are you originally from OR??

  6. Making me hungry

  7. Mm – I’d like to know the tofu marinade too, looks ono! Getting ready to finally renew my costco card – I’ll look for that wonton soup for sure.Have you ever tried the Spring Onion soup by Thai Kitchen? It’s perfect snack size, 99 cents here – the dashi is so so so yummy.

  8. cute blog – yummy food!

  9. Oh man that sushi is CALLING me!!

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