Posted by: noodlegirl | March 10, 2009

Spring is Here!

Ahhh these flowers started blooming at the backyard sometime last week! Its got to be that Spring is here right! I didn’t even know anything was going to bloom back here! I took these picutres today and look at the last picture the Bee is having lunch too just like I did!



  1. oh I think these are crocus, which we have here also. They are the first sign of spring.Thank you for visiting my blog today and commenting. Yes, I bet the baby will decide my name for me! I like GiGi and also Mimi! Not to be confused with Mama though!

  2. I love the gorgeous pictures!!!

  3. Crocuses! I love them! A sure sign of spring in the little places you would least expect to find them. Sorry I had to log off with coworker needing to use my computer today. Will catch up with you soon!

  4. Glad that spring is here for you. Lovely flowers. I like fresh flowers they make you feel so cheerful.

  5. Fab flowers…. I have to be honest and say the green thing..pine I had it now BROWN… opps

  6. beautiful pictures! I escaped to singapore to avoid the bitter cold of winter, but now that spring seems to be here, I can’t wait to get back to the states!oh, and LOVE that capture of the little bee!

  7. I saw your sandwich below and had to ask. How do you like egg beaters? My husband has high cholestoral and I think it’d be good for him, but have never tried it…That sandwich looks fabulous, by the way!

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