Posted by: noodlegirl | February 7, 2009


Sorry I have not posted for a while. I have actually been busy! I have not had the time to read alot of blogs yet I have alot of catching up to do!!
I was at Market of Choice yesterday and came upon this package of crepes. I was sooooo happy as I really love crepes didn’t even know they sell at the supermarket. I quickly grabbed one of course.
This morning I woke up early and went to the kitchen of course to make my breakfast! I have used the fresh avaocado I got at the supermarket cooked an egg and sprinkled some cheese added 2 slices of turkey bacon as well as you can see from the pic.
It was quite yummy! I will have it again tomorrow!



  1. Okay I was going to congratulate you on the crepes.. but you cheated… haha joking. If you ever have the chance to come visit Japan.. you’ll be in Crepe land..

  2. Oooo, it looked so good and delicious. Looked like our local popiah. Wishing you a good and enjoyable trip in Hawaii. 🙂 You can cook your own mee siam, I will try to post a picture of my dry mee siam (ie. without the gravy).

  3. Hi Sonia, I posted a recipe of dried mee siam, hope you like it. 🙂

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