Posted by: noodlegirl | January 23, 2009

Food at the Co-Op

Here is my dinner tonight. I went to the Hippie co-op again if you read my breakfast post they are crazy expensive but I love this meal. Here I have is Thai Red Curry Hippie style they even have chicken in it hehe. My all time favorite bbq chicken its one of the I tried and I got some coconut rice! I got a much bigger potion this is only part of it for my dinner lol. Their deli area is like $7.99/lb I got quite a bit of curry , bbq chicken and rice cost me grand total $17 eeeeeks I know! Hey I have more for tomrrow as I didn’t eat everything I bought! YUM YUM!!!


  1. Thank you for commenting = ) I have added you the my blog roll!!! = )

  2. Look yummy. But the price is so expensive. $17 can last me for about 1 week over here ($2 chicken rice, $2 bbq pork rice, $2 laksa, $2 mee siam, etc)…lol.

  3. yum – i wish DC had more places like that. There are many in the suburbs, but not where I live downtown.

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