Posted by: noodlegirl | December 20, 2008

Snow Snow Snow Part 3!

Ahh finally I got the pictures up for some reason it came up small!! I have no idea why! So fellow bloggers so sorry you need to put your glasses on to see these! They are even nicer than the prevous pics but I can’t seem to enlarge it!!



  1. Oh beautiful! I have to go get my eyes checked now. LOL! I’m kidding. It’s starting to look like that here! The ex is coming to pick me up to spend the day with the girls and put up their tree. I just need to get to the mall and finish my shopping! I WILL NOT drive in this crap (err…this beautiful snow). Did you actually go outside to take these pics?

  2. They look wonderful! It was 76 in Shreveport today!

  3. It looked lovely. Lucky you getting all the snow. We dont get snow over here except those fake snow. Merry Christmas to you.

  4. you can choose what size you want the photos to be when you attach them in your post… is that the problem?

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