Posted by: noodlegirl | December 15, 2008

Snow Snow Snow! Part 1

Here are 2 pic I took haha the one on top is my birdhouse feeder look a little tiny black bird is eating!

2nd pic yes I did not get rid of the pumpkin yet so it got snow on it too!



  1. You got some beautiful pics of the snow! I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture today. I was “distracted”….and maybe a miracle has happened but I will email you more later!

  2. Very beautiful photo of the snow, like the way the snow falls on the pumpkin, like a giant fridge…lol The bird looked like it is feeling very cold.

  3. Stopped by from Michelle’s blog and wanted to say hi!

  4. Of course being an island girl, I gotta love the pics! But what kind of bird is that next to the feeder? I need to get some birdseed to coax some of our woodland friends to come visit.

  5. beautiful.. I wanna have snow in my hometown Y_Y you got nice pictures!Jeab

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