Posted by: noodlegirl | November 17, 2008

My current favorite instant noodles

Before moving to Ashland from Hawaii, I made sure I bought 1 box each of these noodles. My Thai friend got me hooked on it. I used to eat another brand but its not easy to find it anyway so this is my alternative and what a yummy one too!


  1. Hey thanks for visiting my post! Where do you get your instant noodles? I should check Uwajamiya…an asian market here in town. Now I want to try them! My favorite instant noodles are the Chow Mein that comes in the package like Ramen…but it’s Chow Mein. It’s probably ghetto but I love them!

  2. I wish that instant noodles were on my list of things to take back home, but they never make it over the pond without breaking in pieces. I think it’s the bottles of kimchi sauce, vanilla extract (can’t find Costco size there) and bags of mochi rice that’s causing the damage. About Kawika…those buggahs are just so tame as we do not have predators (cats!). I wish we had the Jackson chameleons too.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and linking me. Will do same.

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